Our Strategy, Mission and Values

Our Mission:

The mission of ROSSIUM Concern is to become an excellent investment company that is able to ensure sustainable growth of shareholder value of the assets held and to achieve high financial targets through creating an attractive liquid asset portfolio and providing efficient asset management and risk management and diversification.

Our Vision:

Key medium-term strategic development objectives of ROSSIUM Concern:

  • - To acquire and develop new businesses which have high synergistic potential with our current assets.
  • - To maintain a balanced investment portfolio by investing both in companies with medium-term potential of going public and in liquid assets.
  • - Building an efficient control system by applying latest corporate governance methods.

Our Values:


We believe in having leaders who do not hesitate setting and pursuing ambitious goals.

Professional Skills

Professional skills and personal responsibility are the key to accomplishing difficult tasks.


Trust and partnership are the main principles that keep enabling us to implement the most daring projects.